PodiumWise | Tips for advanced presentation skills

Normally you’re a confident speaker.  Then you find yourself in front of a room full of fellow experts and everything changes. 

Your hands are shaky.  You’re short of breath.  What’s going on?!?  Instead of feeling more comfortable because of what you have in common, you feel more exposed and vulnerable. 

When speaking to fellow experts you realize just how much you normally count on being the expert in the room.  It’s a bit unnerving when you don’t have that advantage.

One thing that has helped me in these situations is to focus on the specific, new information I have to offer in my presentation.

I can’t base my confidence on superior general knowledge.  That’s obvious.  However, in most cases, I’ve been asked to present because I do have specific information that the others don’t have.  This information could be anything from newly-generated data, to the results of a team project I participated in.

If I think in terms of contributing to my audience’s expertise instead of competing with it, I can reclaim my confidence.

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