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One lesson I personally have to learn over and over again is that you have to write down your stories.

 If something happens that is interesting, and it has the potential to be useful in some future speech or presentation, write it down.  It doesn’t matter if you have no idea specifically how you will use it; write it down.  Trust your instinct when it tells you it may be useful someday. 

 I’m always assuring myself “I’ll remember that.”  Who am I kidding?  Life comes at us fast and furious.  Most of the interesting things we experience or observe hang out in our heads just long enough to be replaced by something else.

 Sure, profound and dramatic experiences lodge themselves in our long-term memory, but a busy and varied speaking schedule burns up too much material to rely just on them.  It’s essential to have many “smaller” stories ready to be plugged in where they can help enliven a point.

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