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There is this strange tradition in presentation slide making.

People create bullet points that are complete sentences, but don’t end them with a period. 

It’s not carelessness.  They really believe that a full-sentence bullet point should not have a period.  Ask them why they are leaving the periods off and you will be told that “bullet points are not supposed to have periods.”

Oh, really?  Who made that rule?

Most people I ask don’t have an explanation.  It’s just the rule.

Those who do have an explanation usually say that it’s necessary to leave off the periods so that the punctuation is consistent with other bullet points that are not complete sentences (i.e., phrases).

If consistency is the concern, may I point out that it was lost as soon as phrases and sentences were mixed on the same slide.  That inconsistency isn’t resolved by doing away with periods.

I’m not a big fan of bullet points.  However, if I’m going to use them, they are going to be consistently sentences or consistently phrases.  And, if they are sentences, they are going to have periods.

We all have pet peeves.  Welcome to one of mine.

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