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It’s hard to get good feedback after a presentation or speech.

Ask your associates how they think you did and they’ll give you the same answer every time: “Great!”

If you push them for something more insightful, they still offer nothing.  I’m telling ya man, you did a nice job.  They’re simply not inclined to provide a useful critique.

So, when you do get an opportunity to receive substantive feedback in training or a coaching situation—value it.

I give this advice because I have had so many workshop participants devalue feedback with explanations and excuses.  I would have done better if  we had more time to prepare.  This material is new to me, so I don’t know it well yet.  I’ll do better when I’m actually in the field talking to real customers. 

There are always extenuating circumstances.  This is certainly true in the artificial environment of training.  But to deflect feedback without consideration is to throw away something valuable—and rare.  Something you are being told may hold the key to hitting a new level of effectiveness as a speaker.

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