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When you take questions at the end of a presentation, it is not unusual to have to revisit some of your slides.  And, inevitably, these slides will come from different parts of your presentation.

How do you jump around in your slide show in a smooth, professional way?

The answer is not what most presenters do.  They either tap the arrow keys repeatedly until they reach the slide they want or they call up the Slide Sorter view in PowerPoint and hunt around until they find the right slide to double-click.  Both of these methods are clunky.

You can go to any slide in PowerPoint by entering its number.  In other words, typing “17 + Enter” will take you directly to slide #17.

Or course, you’re thinking: “That’s fine, but I’m not inclined to memorize the numbers for all my slides.”  You don’t have to.

Before your presentation, go to Normal View in PowerPoint and select the Outline tab to the left.  Then collapse the outline down to just the headlines.  You do this by right-clicking on the outline and selecting Collapse All.  When you have just the headlines with the corresponding slide numbers, print a copy.

You can then take your printed sheet of the slide headlines in numbered order and lay it next to your laptop during the presentation.  A quick look down at this reference sheet will quickly tell you what slide number you need.

By using this technique you can effortlessly move around your deck as you answer questions and facilitate a discussion.

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