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A common way to generate audience participation and to get some feedback is to ask “how many of you” questions.

By a show of hands, how many of you (fill in the blank)?

Particularly with big audiences, the responses you get provide only a rough sense of proportion (a big majority, a small minority, etc.).  And, the more such questions you ask the less reliable the responses become as people put less effort into raising their hand.

What if you want reliable, detailed feedback from a large audience throughout a presentation?  Let’s say, for example, you will be providing safety information and it will be important to check—in real time—for comprehension and an understanding of how to apply the information.  Repeatedly asking for a show of hands is not going to meet the need.

Consider renting a wireless, audience response system.  You will be able to provide each of your audience members with a keypad that can be used to answer multiple-choice questions.  People are far more inclined to repeatedly use these keypads than they are to repeatedly raise their hand.  Also, the response system immediately computes the results and shows them on the screen as part of your PowerPoint presentation.

The expense of such a system is not likely to fit your budget very often, but there are times when it is worth the investment.

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