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I’m reading Stephen King’s book On Writing.  It’s a fascinating account of his life as a writer and his writing philosophy.

In a section on re-writing he tells of one of his early rejection letters from a magazine.  It came with a handwritten message telling him that his piece was not bad, but it needed to be edited for length.  It was “puffy.”  The note ended with a suggested formula: Second Draft = First Draft minus 10%.  King made up a sign with this formula and hung it above his desk.  He soon started seeing more of his submissions accepted for publication.  He’s never stopped using this rule.

I’m intrigued by the idea of using the 10% rule on my next presentation.  But, instead of applying it to my first draft, I’d like to challenge myself to take 10% off what I might otherwise call my final draft.

I bet it would result in an exceptionally tight focus on the theme.

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