PodiumWise | Tips for advanced presentation skills

You have a presentation to give and somebody else produced the slide deck.  

Most of it is okay but there are a couple of places that the slide sequence is difficult.  You try to come up with transition lines that will smoothly move you from one slide to the next, but nothing seems to work.

Sometimes, the simple solution can be a question transition.  You come to the end of one slide and then pose a question that the next slide answers.  So as you see, we’ve eliminated the production problems that were plaguing us in the first quarter.  But, what about the distribution issues we were also wrestling with?  This next slide shows how we have reduced their frequency dramatically.

I worked with a gentleman a few years ago who was having trouble with a corporate slide deck.  He was having a terrible time talking his way from one slide to the next (i.e., transitioning).  The question-as-a-transition technique was the solution.  Once he understood how to do it, his narrative flow improved significantly.

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