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Common question on a public speaking discussion board: What is the secret to being a dynamic speaker?

Common answer: Speak on something you’re passionate about.

Sounds good.  But what if your audience members are not passionate about the same thing you are?  What if technology excites them and consumer behavior is your thing?  Will tapping your passion be enough?

It might be enough if a dynamic performance is your only goal.  But if successfully connecting with your audience members is also a priority (as it should be), their passion is equally as important—if not more.

The best speakers draw energy from their own passions but put the passions and interests of their audience members first.  If there’s a difference—even a large one—they strive to find a point of connection or intersection.  In my earlier example that might be the role of technology in gaining new and deeper understanding of consumer behavior.

Your passion alone is not enough.  Their passion is important too.

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