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It’s so basic.

Do a sound check before you speak to make sure the microphone is working right and the sound level is appropriate.

Yet, a few days ago my mind was so much on the content of my talk that I didn’t think to insist on a check.  When the gentleman running the sound board didn’t say anything, I clipped on the microphone and went back to my notes.  

Sure enough, the sound system served up immediate problems.  First there was feedback.  Then, efforts to correct the feedback took the volume too low.  Bringing the volume back up reignited the feedback.    

Eventually, the sound guy found the settings he wanted, but the sound quality was never quite right.  I was told later that the problem was a combination of where I had clipped the microphone on my shirt and where the podium had been located relative to the main speakers.  Both these things could have been easily corrected in advance.

Whatever value came from that last-minute review of my notes, it was not worth skipping the sound check.  

Testing 1—2—3  Testing 1—2—3

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