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With some large company conferences a notice will go out demanding that all the speakers turn in their final presentation slides in advance of the event.

This demand annoys executives who feel it unnecessarily cuts off the time they need to prepare their message.  They protest that administrative concerns are preventing them from making their presentation as good as it should be.

Oddly enough, this turn-in-your-slides requirement actually leads to some people doing a better job of speaking than they otherwise would.

How is this possible?

It’s possible because these speakers are forced to transition from preparation to practice—while there is still time to practice.

There is a point at which any additional time spent in preparation, at the expense of practice, is not good.  At this point, an hour of practice is worth more than two hours of fussing with slide content.  Maybe a few more slide changes would lead to A-plus content, but an A-minus presentation, well practiced, would be better.

When you start preparing a presentation, decide when you will need to stop preparing and start practicing.  Then, hold yourself to that deadline.  Do not let prep work eat into practice time!  It’s not worth it.

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