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In my last post I talked about a strategy for getting started when you are asked to speak without prior notice (i.e., impromptu speaking).

Another impromptu speaking strategy—one that is essential—is to quit while you are ahead.  In other words, stop talking before you get into trouble.

Typically, when people are speaking on an impromptu basis, they keep trying to think of additional things to say no matter how much they have already said.  The quality of their comments inevitably deteriorates until they are speaking about trivia.  When they finally exhaust all their ideas, they sputter and stop like an engine running out of gas.

This can all be avoided by making it a personal rule that you will stop talking once you have made three—maybe four—points.  You don’t have to make that many points, but once you have, you know anything more you say is probably not going to be important.  So you make your third or fourth point and then finish.

If the people you are speaking to want to know more they can always ask you questions.  The important thing is that you ended your initial thoughts on a strong note.

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