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How many times have you wanted to call out to a speaker: “Put the laser pointer down!”?

We all have stories of speakers who jiggled that little red light until we were nauseous, or unconsciously created a light show on the ceiling.

It’s best to minimize your use of laser pointers.  They distract more than help.  

But my slides are complicated!  Have you tried to simplify them?  Have you considered breaking them down and revealing their components in steps?

If you have to show something complicated in its entirety, consider building a highlighting sequence into the slide show itself.  It will come across more professional.   

Also, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of simply pointing with your words.  As you can see in the middle of the diagram, right around 3 o’clock, we anticipate the need for a safety valve.

If, in the end, you have to use a laser pointer, circle what you want to highlight one time and then turn off the light.  Even the calmest speaker cannot hold the beam still or underline straight.

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