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As much as possible I avoid writing blog posts that repeat what is in my book.  However, after coaching several people this week on the same issue, I feel it deserves to be repeated.

If you develop a rushed sound when you are presenting, you don’t come across confident.  You sound anxious. 

A confident image includes acting like you own the time.  If you have been given ten minutes to talk, you own that ten minutes.  It’s yours.  Act like it.  Sound like it.  No rushing.

I sometimes tell people who are scheduled to present to senior management to create a back-up slide deck that represents an executive version of the main deck.  It should consist of just the slides they need to make their main points.  Then if they are told to “keep it short” because the meeting agenda has slipped, they can opt to just deliver the executive version.  That way the can take their time and “own” the shortened time frame.  Rushing through the full deck will make a poor impression just when a strong impression is most needed.

An alternative to creating a separate, executive version of the slide deck is to jump through the main deck, going to only to those slides that would have gone into an executive version.  Do this smoothly by identifying these slides in advance and moving to each one by typing in its number and the hitting the Enter key.

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