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Up goes a slide.

It’s a complicated diagram with color-coded lines going every way imaginable.

What are the first words out of the presenter’s mouth?

“As you can see . . .”

As I can see what?!?

The first time audience members see a slide—particularly a complicated slide—they need some help getting oriented.

Presenters forget this.  They forget that the audience members don’t share their familiarity with the slide.  So, they immediately dive into the content while the audience members are still working out things like headings on columns or the “x” and “y” axes.

Take a moment to get everyone up to speed.  What you are looking at here is a diagram of the four available distribution channels.  They are set against a timeline representing the number of days from initial shipment to arrival at the project site.  As you can see…

It doesn’t take much, just a short explanation.  Then your audience is ready to follow along as you point out what the slide is saying.

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