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In my last post I talked about avoiding a rushed delivery that takes away from the confident image you want to project.  I urged you to “own” the time you have been given to speak.

I need to follow up that advice with a warning about something that can cause even the most confident speaker to sound anxiously rushed.  That thing is too much material.

One of the most common mistakes speakers make is going to the front of the room with too much to cover.  Ironically, they do it to boost their confidence (“I have more than enough.”), but it creates pressure—self-imposed pressure.  As time starts to run down their confident-sounding pace gives way to an anxious-sounding rush to “get it all in.”

Practice your piece out loud.  See how long it actually takes to deliver it.  Then trim it back to something you can finish in less time than you have been given to speak.   You will be able to comfortably cover your points and “own the time” from start to finish.

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