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You have determined that a policy your company established a few years ago needs to change.  It’s out-of-date and causing problems.

The good news is that you have been given an opportunity to present your case to management.

The bad news is that the original authors of the troublesome policy will be part of the audience.  This could get touchy. 

Any compelling case for change is going to have to include what’s wrong with the current policy; however, if you cause the authors to get defensive, you lose. 

What to do?

The best solution—as long as it is honest—is to characterize the original policy as having been appropriate at the time it was made.  Now, due to changed circumstances, it’s time to consider a revised policy.

If you commend the authors for having done the right thing given what they originally had to deal with, you let them save face.  They don’t feel the need to become defensive.  They can support you without looking bad.

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