PodiumWise | Tips for advanced presentation skills

In high-unemployment times it is an employers’ market.

The interviewing process gets longer and includes more hoops to jump through and bars to clear.

One added step can be a presentation.  A selection committee is your audience and you have a short amount of time to present what you would bring to the position.

If you find yourself facing this scenario, don’t deliver a slide version of your resume.  They’ve already read it.  Treat this as an opportunity to go beyond your resume, to cover new ground and make an impression not easily made in a written document.

I once coached an individual to use his ten minutes of stage time to speak about the future of the industry and the strategic imperatives that would come with this future.  His visionary presentation excited a great deal of discussion and positioned him as leader.  It was an ideal compliment to his resume and ultimately helped secure the position.

Think twice before you just convert your resume into slides.

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