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There is this inevitable question when you coach speakers: How many improvement recommendations do you give them?

You may think it’s a no-brainer.  Tell them everything!  The more opportunities for improvement they are aware of, the better.

Maximum feedback would seem to be the way to go.  You have limited time to work with them and you want to work as much value into that time as possible.  In addition, an extensive analysis will demonstrate your insightfulness.

It all makes sense until you factor in the need for real, observable improvement that lasts.  Challenge someone to change too many behaviors and you risk generating no change.  Either they stop listening or become discouraged.

If you are working alone on becoming a better speaker (i.e., being your own coach), don’t overload yourself.  Pick one thing you want to change and stay focused on it until you are satisfied the change has taken hold.  Then move on to something else.  Over time you will get significantly better, and the improvements will last.

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