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The most common thing presenters will say after watching a video of themselves is “too many uhms and aahs!”

The next thing you will hear is how they have tried for years, without success, to stop using these filler words.  How do you stop it?!?

Ninety percent of the battle is awareness.  These sounds persist, despite good intentions, because people don’t hear themselves using them.  You’re not going to stop a behavior you don’t even notice.

Getting someone to point out your uhms and aahs, when you say them, is a sure way to high-level awareness.  If you want that awareness fast, put your kids on the assignment.  Where a fellow adult will be reluctant to harass you too much, your kids will have no such reservations.  They will delight in raising mommy or daddy’s awareness—both in private and public settings.  

If you are serious about reducing your uhms and ahhs, and you are not prone to losing your cool, the kid cure is both fast and effective.

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