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A consulting team I worked with was getting ready to present at a convention.

The official purpose of the presentation was to educate interested listeners on a technology issue of growing importance in their industry. 

Of course, the underlying motivation for the team was to create an interest that might lead to new consulting opportunities.

The presentation they brought to our first session showed they had made a classic mistake.  They had created something highly complex with the belief that the audience would be: 1) impressed with their knowledge, and 2) convinced they should be hired because of the complexity of the technology.

This strategy is a mistake because it makes it hard for audience members to carry the message back to their respective companies.  The impressive complexity limits what they can confidently repeat.  Their time in the presentation doesn’t lead to a “buzz” outside the convention.

When you do a presentation like this you want your audience members to enthusiastically talk it up after they leave.  Instead of blowing them away with what you know, significantly increase what they know.  Then they will be able to lead others back to you.

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