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If I was speaking about a new product that weighed less than its predecessor, I would want my audience members to hold both products and feel the difference.  This would have more impact than just saying what the weight difference is and showing it on a slide.

But, if I pass the products around while I am presenting, I’ll no longer have everyone’s attention.  Not only will people stop listening when they are holding the products, they will be distracted while waiting their turn and watching others hold them. 

When you have objects you want audience members to feel or look at closely, don’t start them going around the room while you continue presenting.

You can make them available for inspection before you speak and/or promise they will be available afterward.  Another alternative would be to pass out multiple samples during your talk and deliberately stop presenting long enough for everyone to handle them. 

The important thing is not to put yourself in competition with your own props.

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