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I was searching through Don Greene’s book Fight Your Fear and Win, looking for a particular reference I wanted to use in today’s post.  I ended up on a completely different line of thought after re-reading Greene’s thoughts on perfection and how the pursuit of it gets in the way of long-term success.

He makes the point that success is not one great performance, but a “string of great performances.”  It’s about being able to do your best over and over again—on command.   This is a “tough” endeavor that becomes, in Greene’s words, “downright impossible” if you set perfection as your only acceptable standard.

This made me think of the many people I have had in presentation skills workshops who have admitted to being both perfectionists and committed avoiders of public speaking situations.  They will only do a presentation if forced to.  And, each less-than-perfect performance strengthens their resolve to avoid future presentations whenever possible.

As Greene says, consistent perfection is not possible.  If you insist on making it your goal, discouragement and avoidance will follow.  Allow yourself to be less than perfect and you can stay on the road toward something not too distant from perfection.

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