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In a workshop this weekend we were sharing ideas for how to best facilitate a discussion when presenting in a web conference.

One of the discussions revolved around the pros and cons of calling on someone specific for a comment.  An obvious worry was the awkward situation that would arise if the person was away from the phone or just not listening.

I liked the suggestion one experienced facilitator made.  If she faces silence after calling on someone specific she repeats the person’s name and continues with “It sounds as if your phone may be on mute, so let me come back to you and, in the meantime, would someone else have a thought?”

Wording like that would certainly minimize the awkwardness.

It made me think how smart it would be to work out a range of smart responses that you have ready for common situations that arise in web-based presentations.  Even if you don’t use them exactly as planned, the forethought will show up in how professionally you deal with potentially difficult situations.

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