PodiumWise | Tips for advanced presentation skills

The people in a presentation skills workshop who exhibit the most imagination are the ones who also exhibit the greatest ability to adjust how they are presenting.  They are helped by their ability to picture (imagine) themselves acting differently.  In contrast, people who say things like “I can’t imagine myself doing that,” tend to be the ones who don’t change what they are doing.

I thought about this need to “see” change in order to make change as I read about Professor Jeremy Bailenson’s work at Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab.  He and his colleagues are using state-of-the-art (read: expensive) technology to study, among other things, learning in an immersive virtual reality.

It would be interesting to take people who have trouble imagining themselves as better speakers and give them an opportunity to be speakers in a virtual reality (i.e., a technological supplement to their imagination).  Not only might it help them break through to some needed change, they might also gain new confidence if highly-supportive, virtual audiences are included.

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