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Are you one of those speakers who only calms down fully when audience members start asking questions?

When all the attention is on you, and yours is the only voice in the room, your anxiety level is high.  When the questions start, and the situation becomes more conversational, your shoulders relax and your blood pressure goes down.

If this sounds familiar, avoid the standard questions-at–the-end presentation format whenever you can.  You need audience participation as early as possible.

Ideally, if the audience size is manageable, begin your talk by asking one or two questions of the audience and inviting a couple of comments.  This will enable you to start calming down immediately.

If, during your presentation, your nerves start to creep back up, engage the audience again. 

Follow this technique of engaging the audience whenever you need the calming effect and you will reap a bonus benefit.  You will get a reputation for being a highly interactive presenter.  No one ever needs to know that all that audience interaction is really nerve management.

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