PodiumWise | Tips for advanced presentation skills

Some speakers are blatantly self-promotional—bragging, or indulging in continuous name dropping.  They set out to build credibility with the audience, and end up overdoing it.  Ironically, they can finish with less credibility than they started with.

Most of us understand that this “toot your own horn” style can be counterproductive.  But, we make a mistake if we don’t intelligently build our credibility in the eyes of the audience.  We need credibility to be persuasive.

One good approach that can be used without appearing self-promotional is the use of examples from our own experience.  On the surface, we are just trying to help the audience understand various points, but a secondary benefit is our growing credibility.  If done right—with an honest emphasis on providing understanding—the credibility grows naturally, without a hint of self-promotion.

When I’m speaking on presentation skills, I will use many examples from my years of coaching and training.  My purpose is to build understanding of the speaking principles, but time and again audience members will note my “extensive experience” in their program evaluation forms.

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