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When I first started researching how leaders speak, I read the works of many leadership gurus.

At one point, I decided to take the qualities of a leader that all the gurus agreed were important and sort out the ones that were relevant to public speaking.

One quality on this short list was authenticity—or, if you prefer, realness.

A speaking leader can never afford to project a fake, plastic, or put-on image.

One way this happens is to treat public speaking too much like a performance.  Someone who has a tendency to do this will bound up to the podium thinking “It’s show time!”  They don’t just “turn it up” enough to project well to a large group; they turn it way up.

If their highly-animated delivery differs too much from their day-to-day personality, they risk being perceived as unreal and inauthentic.

I’ve heard it said that public speaking requires being “a bigger you.”  That’s a good way to think of it.  Dialed up for a room full of people, but still very much “you.”

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