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A few days ago I was listening to a speaker talk about a time in his life when he was suffering from continuous panic attacks.  As a lead-in to his message about conquering anxiety, he wanted the audience members to know he had personally experienced what many of them were suffering.

That was good.  He was establishing personal credibility.  But, his delivery was out of synch with what he was saying.

He was speaking dramatically slow—with long pauses.  He obviously wanted to convey the intensity of his experiences.  Yet the story he was telling was about a frantic, heart-pounding, room-pacing time in his life.  How he was talking would have been more appropriate for a story about depression, and a period in his life when time seemed to stand still.

Without getting carried away, his delivery needed to communicate some of that over-worried, agitated state he was experiencing.  If nothing else, the pace should have been quicker.

How a message is delivered should be in synch with the message.  If it’s about the energy-giving benefits of a diet, the speaker should project energy.  If it’s about the need to pause, step back, and reassess a situation, the speaker should slow down and pause momentarily.

Delivery is part of the message.  It can reinforce it, or weaken it by being out of synch.

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