Hello. My name is Bill Steele.

Over thirty-five years ago I stood up in front of 75 people to give my first business presentation and knew within minutes that public speaking was for me. It was a bit of shock since I am not, by nature, a “hey everybody listen to me” kind of guy.

I’ve since learned that all types of personalities can be highly effective speakers—and, yes, even enjoy addressing groups.

In 1992, following 14 years as a marketing executive, life-planning exercises revealed that I had a love of teaching equally as strong as my love of public speaking. I decided to combine the two and set off on a new career as a presentation skills trainer and coach.

Since then I have worked with thousands of people who want to be more effective speakers and presenters. This “Speaking Tips Library” grew out of twice-weekly blog posts I wrote when I was launching a new business I call Steele Presentation Coaching. My motivation was to share what I’ve learned from the tens-of-thousands of hours I’ve spent with a clipboard on my knee, analyzing messages and how they are being delivered.

As I wrote these tips I pictured someone who appreciates the value of good speaking skills and is committed to continuous improvement as a speaker and presenter. I trust you are that kind of person—always on the lookout for one more thing you can do to take it up a notch.