Speaking Tips Library: 130+ Keys to Better Speaking

Welcome Speakers.

On this site you will find over 130 tips for delivering more effective speeches and presentations.

They are the result of my twice-weekly postings when I was using this site as a blog.  I am no longer adding new postings, but I’m leaving PodiumWise up and available as a resource for speakers who are always looking for one more way they can strengthen their skills.

Below you will find a directory of the tip titles.  I invite you to browse and click on whatever interests you.  Whenever you’re ready for another tip, come back to PodiumWise and pick a new one.

I also invite you to get my book: Presentation Skills 201: How to Take It to the Next Level as a Confident, Engaging Speaker.  It contains more in-depth advice not found here at PodiumWise.

I wish you the best in all your future speeches and presentations!

Bill Steele
Steele Presentation Coaching